Meet Our Founding Team 

Each one of our team members is strongly aligned with our mission to make tech more inclusive by redefining what success looks like and who gets a seat at the table.

Kristin Slink

Kristin is Tech AF's brilliant founder and CEO. She developed Tech AF's proprietary system specifically for non-technical founders. She has successfully exited two start-ups, is nurturing two more start-ups, has raised a total of $55M in funding, and served as a fintech coach at Atlanta's top incubator for three years. She LOVES the Atlanta tech scene and you can find her at pitch events, networking events, and speaking engagements all over the city and beyond. 

Kristin's passion is helping other founders navigate the tricky nuances of starting a tech company, especially for those who don't fit the stereotypical "tech-bro" mold.

Let's re-write what it means to be a founder.

More About Kristin

Ashley Aarti Beck

Ashley is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is a Tech AF executive owner and focuses her efforts on strategy, content creation, relationships, and leadership development. 

Ashley has been in social and environmental impact for more than eight years. She loves to build relationships and partnerships with aligned visionaries who enjoy pushing boundaries and saying "YES."

Ashley creates and holds transformative and brave spaces like speaker series, retreats, and events that dissolve perceived barriers and push people to think beyond the obvious. She works one-on-one and in groups of up to more than 100- where people can become more integrated, fully alive humans.

Ashley sees Tech AF as an opportunity to redistribute wealth and power in this country and beyond.