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Tech AF does not take any equity and does charge an enrollment fee. This program is an investment in yourself and your idea.

Tech AF is one of the ONLY comprehensive programs for tech startup founders in the pre-product, pre-revenue stage.

Most programs require you to have a product in market and paying customers. For non-technical founders especially, there aren't too many places for you to turn where you can hone in on the skills YOU ALREADY HAVE! 

We want to learn more about you and see if we can help you take ownership of these skills to move from idea to getting your first product to market and beyond.

Tech AF founders graduate with:

  • Clear and strategic visions backed with market research,
  • A clickable prototype and revenue-generating deliverables,
  • The necessary skills to launch and grow their businesses,
  • Professional and leadership development training, and
    A network of vetted mentors, developers, and programs.

Our program is a great fit for any industry professional who is looking to break into tech and has an idea that they are passionate about pursuing.

Tech AF does not believing in taking equity this early and we do charge an enrollment fee.

To learn more about the process, our team and your total investment please complete the form above so we can understand your goals, what your idea means to you and what you have done so far.

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