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Tech AF partners with investors, programs, and corporations.

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The Problem

Your fund or program has set the bold diversity goals that society, the media, and consumers expect you to. But you’re struggling to meet them.

Why? Because your pipeline depends on start-ups with tech-savvy founders and solid business foundations. But underestimated founders can rarely access the resources needed to build an MVP and gain traction.


Your company relies on innovation and you see our brightest employees swept up in the Great Resignation. Whether you know it or not, they're the greatest resource you have for innovation. And they're moving on to your competitors.

Our Solution

Tech AF is a service-based company that nurtures non-technical, underestimated founders. Our proprietary system guides them from idea to their first $100K in revenue. 

Tech AF founders graduate with: 

  • Clear and strategic visions backed with market research, 
  • A clickable prototype and revenue-generating deliverables,
  • The necessary skills to launch and grow their businesses, 
  • Professional and leadership development training, and
  • A network of vetted mentors, developers, and programs. 

Tech AF graduates are fully integrated, powerful leaders who you want to work with and invest in. 

Your Opportunity

Tech AF is a strategic partner. We offer multiple sponsorship options and can customize a program for your specific goals. 

You select the way you want to support inclusion, innovation, and employee retention. That way, we’re all hitting our goals to bring more diversity to tech.

Sarah Mitchell

Co-Founder, Arcanium Software

 "My company was looking to expand our network to include more up and coming female founders. After meeting with Kristin and her cohort members, I can confidently recommend #TechAF to anyone looking to break into the startup/tech space!

Kristin's educational, dynamic roadmap can expertly guide anyone, even the least tech-savvy of individuals, through successful product development. I was absolutely blown away by the presentations I reviewed from her cohort members. The prep work was extremely high quality - thorough, detailed, and well thought out, inclusive of product/feature requirements, wireframes, and competitive research.

This type of prep work carries high value and will undoubtedly lead to significant cost savings on the development side of projects. Arcanium is excited to support #TechAF, and we look forward to more opportunities to work with Kristin’s team!"


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