Do you want to pay it forward?

You are a leader in your industry. You have a specific set of skills and subject matter expertise that helped get you where you are. And you are willing to share your secrets to help the next generation of tech leaders ascend as well. Tech AF is looking for mentors like you to guide our cohort members and join our curated community.

Become a Mentor

What We Do

Tech AF is a service-based company that nurtures non-technical, underestimated founders. Our proprietary system guides them from idea to their first $100K in revenue. 

Tech AF founders graduate with: 

  • Clear and strategic visions backed with market research, 
  • A clickable prototype and revenue-generating deliverables,
  • The necessary skills to launch and grow their businesses, 
  • Professional and leadership development training, and
  • A network of vetted mentors, developers, and programs. 

Tech AF graduates are fully integrated, powerful leaders who you want to work with and invest in. 

Who We're Looking For

Your journey is uniquely your own. You have at least one superpower that you possess that makes it possible for you to realize your visions (and probably way more than that!).

You have experienced challenges, successes, lessons, and, most importantly, failures.

Research shows that your mentorship can help make or break a founder's success. And the truth is, some of the best mentorships comes from those who are only a few steps ahead of you. 

We're looking for badasses who value supporting the founders of our future.

How It Works

After you provide your information below, we'll be in touch to learn a bit more about you. If it's a mutual fit, we'll add you to our mentor database and exclusive Slack community.

Our mentorship program is a double-opt-in process. As our founders move through our program, we'll be working closely with them to identify gaps or areas where mentorship will be beneficial. We'll reach out with any matches before moving forward with introductions.

We have no expectation on amount of time you dedicate to supporting our founders, but we do have some community guidelines which we'll review with you during onboarding.


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